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I have mentioned before  that my wife is from Oklahoma.

Born and raised in the western part of the state, she learned all about watching the weather.  As we have seen it can be brutal.

Our hearts are with those who lost loved ones.  Those who lost their homes. It is so hard to imagine facing that kind of devastation.

Look around your room right now.   What if all of that was gone in just a few terrifying seconds?  What would you do?  How would you start over?

Now, these people are trying to put their lives back together with the media spotlight on them.

“How do you feel?”

“Is there anyway to put it into words?”

I am writing this because one of my followers was amazed at how polite these survivors were to the reporters who, in his words “parachuted” in. Not the first day ones.  The news people who came in for an interesting backdrop.

“Oh, look at how much we care.  We moved our crappy morning show to Moore, Oklahoma. Hooray for us.”

Simple fact of the matter is the voices you hear talking about starting over are what make Oklahoma great.  A lot of them have family roots that stretch back decades.  They live on a beautiful yet unforgiving land.  Ice storms, draught, tornadoes, even thanks to fracking, earthquakes.

They don’t sweat the small stuff.

They will rebuild,with one eye on the western sky, hoping the storms will be less severe next time around.

We wish them well.






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