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One More Remembrance: JFK

I was going to pass on talking anymore about the 50th anniversary of the assassination.

As things have progressed over the last week, I felt it was necessary to give my views on this occasion.

My post was spurred by a quote from the host of Face The Nation.  He was a reporter in Dallas in 1963.  His quote that tries to sum up the event is, “We (the nation) lost our innocence that day.”

All week long, that quote has stuck in the back of my mind.


He was certainly old enough to remember WWII, concentration camps, Stalin’s reign of terror both before and after WWII, the 100 year  struggle of blacks to get basic rights. the list goes on and on.

How can you use that word given all that had went on before?

Now, if you were a 7 year old in second grade at Sacred Heart Catholic School, you could be considered an innocent.

That day, after lunch, the teacher answered a knock on the classroom door. After a brief exchange, she returned to her seat behind the desk.  Then, over the intercom, we heard a radio broadcast which was saying the President had been shot. As the reports trickled in, there was some hope.  That seems absurd now but after a few more updates, the unthinkable had come true.

The President was dead.

I really don’t remember much else from that weekend. I know the television was on all weekend.

The  alleged assassin was caught and then killed.

Watching the documentary Four Days In November last night was a sobering reminder of how the entire nation gathered to grieve.  It wouldn’t be the last time.  Yet there was something different about this.

Just the list of world leaders that showed up let you know how much impact this killing had on the world. 220 foreign dignitaries from 92 nations attended.

In 1974, as a high school senior, I wrote a paper for a government class.  I lost it somewhere years ago. (I got an A on it. I know you were curious.) The theme was about whether or not Pres. Kennedy was a great president.  I used a quote from Emerson (I am sure it was him but I can’t find it online.) to conclude my essay.

“The measure of a great man is if he can bring others around to his way of thinking twenty years hence.”

This is a way of thinking favored by historians.  I am not sure if things are as settled with the memories of the Kennedy administration even 50 years later.

Harry Truman wasn’t held in high regard for a number of years after his time in office ended.  Now it’s different.

You could argue that most of the achievements the Johnson administration called the Great Society were started by Pres, Kennedy.

Medicare, Voting Rights,Civil Rights, just to name three, were passed into law  by Congress thanks to the arm-twisting of the Johnson administration.

There was one very bold promise made at the start about sending a man to the moon and bringing him safely back within a decade.

May 25, 1961 that challenge was laid down by the President.

With all the turmoil of the Sixties, through other killings, including his own brother four and a half years later,as Vietnam escalated and revolt on the streets of our country became a way of life, every so often we would all stop and look into space to see the progress that was made on his promise.

July 21, 1969, it came true.

This is where the people who loved President Kennedy can be found.  That sort of hope, confidence, can-do spirit.  Young people coming of age during those early days of the Kennedy years knew from their own parents experience that anything was possible. Their parents had survived the Great Depression and WWII.  Amid all the chaos, there was still a fountain of optimism.

In a cold November 1963, happiness on a national level seemed to be an emotion that would be difficult to achieve for many.

As we all know, life goes on. And it did.

We will talk about that on the next 50th anniversary remembrance in February. Here is a five word hint.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, The Beatles.”



File:Kennedy salute.gif



Where did October go?

I can’t believe that no new entries were posted here.

The odd thing is people are still looking around the old stories.  I see you folks.  Thanks for taking the time. If you could do a little light dusting next time, I would appreciate it.

Last October I wrote five posts but it was an election year. There was a lot to write about.

This year, when I feel it is time to write something/anything , I just can’t get moving.  I have a few ideas that can be covered in a tweet, so Twitter gets most of my attention. That may be the curse of Twitter. I have become so concise in framing my thoughts this blog seems like overkill. OR, my mind is going. You decide.  How am I supposed to know if that is happening?

I was going to write about my son moving out of the house to start his adult life. I know that is part of life. The natural progression. But his Mom and I just invested 21 years making sure he was well loved and well fed. To watch him drive off was brutal.

Enough about that for now. I might write about it more when it isn’t quite as dusty in here. (Again, just a little light dusting, Thanks)

I guess I could complain about the Christmas stuff going up early.  Nah. I don’t really get bothered by that anymore. Just as long as they don’t start playing the music yet.

I could write about the Affordable Care Act. They have had some problems with their website.

Remember when nobody bought Windows operating systems anymore after all the trouble with Windows ’98?  Wait, I think I got that wrong.  They just made adjustments and carried on.  Like the ACA website will.

By the way, if you have been paying for health insurance that doesn’t cover your meds or hospital stays, you should be happy to have the chance to sign up no matter how long it takes.

Thanks to that Act, my son, who I miss terribly, is covered by our insurance until he is 26. That is a huge thing for parents all over the country.

This month is the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination. As I write this I am avoiding Rob Lowe playing him in Killing Kennedy.

At this point, as I mentioned on Twitter the other day, I have to echo the words of the late John F. Kennedy Jr. He was asked if he had watched Oliver Stone’s JFK. His answer was, “You have to understand. That is not a source of entertainment for me.”

I doubt that Rob Lowe would have changed his mind.

A friend of mine has written a book of poetry. You can see the cover below. If you get a chance, go to Amazon and check it out. Actually, buying it would be good.  It is available in all the usual formats.  Reasonably priced. Very well written.

Until next time,


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