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I Am In Another Video

After the Newtown massacre of young school children, I participated in a Blunt video. This was back in January. You can look at my archives and read the post which has the video in it.

After Saturday’s disturbing news in the Trayvon Martin case which led to George Zimmerman walking away scot-free, the opportunity came to be in another one.

The video I am a part of will be at the bottom of this post.

First, let me explain how Florida law works.

Let’s say I was walking through a neighborhood around 7 in the evening.

A man with no identifiable badges or uniforms is following me.

I finally turn around to hear him ask me what I am doing.

I say I am walking.  He keeps coming forward.

I walk to meet him.

One thing leads to another, we start pushing each other.

Mind you to this point, I have a right to be where I am.

I get the better of him.

I am on top of him slapping him a few times.

He obviously doesn’t know how to fight.

He starts to cry. I detect he may have wet his pants.

Feeling he has learned his lesson, I push myself up to get off of him.

At which point, the crying, pants-wetting coward pulls out a gun and shoots me.

In Florida, as long as the guy with the gun convinces everyone he was in fear of his life, it is a justifiable shooting.  Even though the fight was over.

How do laws like that come about?  NRA-sponsored legislatures push them through.  Their zeal to let gun owners run loose knows no bounds.

So, in the Trayvon Martin case, the only thing that could have saved this young man’s life would have been for George Zimmerman to stay with his truck like he was told to by the 911 dispatcher.

Unfortunately, armed with the false sense of courage only a loaded gun can provide, Zimmerman ignored that recommendation and ultimately Trayvon was killed.

The jury, made up of people around my age, bought Zimmerman and his story.  Even to the point that one of the jurors went on television after the verdict and repeatedly referred to Zimmerman as “George” like he was a friend.

That juror was going to write a book about her experiences.  Genius that she is though, she went on Anderson Cooper and gave away the whole story.  People on social media voiced their disapproval and after her literary agent dropped her, she announced the book project was going to end.

I am heartsick over this situation.

That night I called WTLC 106.7 here in Indy.  They had an open line and invited anyone to call in. I expressed my sentiments.

Then I cosigned the NAACP petition to get the Justice Department to get involved with the case.

Now after a few days of pondering, I am writing this.  Millions of words have been used to talk about this trial since Saturday. I don’t know if I am adding anything new.  It just seems to me that we are all in this thing together.

Under that law, killers go free.

Admitted killers go free.

That is not right.

We need to fix it.

Every state that has a Stand Your Ground law needs to have that reviewed.

And, once again, we need gun laws that keep irresponsible people like Zimmerman from owning one.

So if you would please take a look at this video and if you have a minute, please pass either this post or the video along.

My thanks to @GottaLaff at the Political Carnival for letting me participate again.  She does amazing work at that site. On the video there is a link to the Political Carnival, please check them out.




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