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Politics 2016: The Democratic Party View From Here

I was hoping to wait awhile before entering the fray this time around.  Maybe I’ll just write this and hide until the Fall.

As Clinton and Sanders go through the primary fight, their surrogates, followers, what ever you want to call them, are sniping at a high volume.

I’ve been following politics for around 40 years now.  Yet, any small attempt at conversation on Twitter gets me knocked around as if I have no clue about how these fights go.

I am not alone in this. I have seen this sentiment from folks who have avoided taking a side even though there is no doubt about their Democratic Party loyalties.

Personally, I was pulling for one of the Castro brothers to get involved early on. But we have what we have.

I hope the primary fight continues until June just as it did in 2008 I am convinced that battle set our party up for a win in 2008.  The Clinton workers joined in with their Obama counterparts, at least at the state level, and delivered a resounding victory.

That can and will happen again despite what some of the most ardent supporters of each say now.

We know what a nightmare a GOP president would be.  We need to be ready to pull together when the time comes.  The balance of the Supreme Court is at stake. Sitting out this fall is NOT AN OPTION.

We also need to get the Senate back.  I wish I had more confidence in the leadership of the Democratic National Committee. We really might have to do this from the ground up.  It is possible. Turnout is the key.  It is always the key for us.

So, boys and girls, let’s play nice since we will all have to pull in the same direction come September.




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