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Bell Bottoms Are Not Coming Back?

I just check my stats and it seems some people are checking everyday for new stuff.

No pressure there.

This title is a little nostalgic for me. I went to high school in an era where bell bottoms were everyday wear.  Cotton or denim shirts.  Earth shoes. Polyester was also around but let’s hope those pictures were all burned.

We all thought we were being individuals but we looked the same for the most part. I think in high school most kids feel everyone is watching them and how they dress. That just isn’t the case. Each kid is wrapped up with their own concerns about dress and hair.

Of course, that realization doesn’t usually come in time to make high school a little less stressful.

If you have been checking everyday, thanks. I have an idea for the next one that will be a little longer than these have been. I can’t wait to have you read it.


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4 thoughts on “Bell Bottoms Are Not Coming Back?

  1. I still think people are looking at me, which is why I never wear anything fashionable. I would never know when to stop wearing it and switch to something else.

  2. @elaine4queen had a great take on fashion recently. You know, she *is* influential about fashion, or so Klout would have us believe.

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