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Bellbottom Blog redux

Having looked over which posts got the most attention so far. I decided to change the name of this blog.

@lahikmajoe and @lgalaviz are getting the credit (blame) for this.

I suppose they will expect all kinds of hippie ramblings, going on and on about granola and the like.Not going to happen here.

I also added a picture which may or may not show up. I am not very good at this computer stuff. The fact that I have five blog entries that have gone through and out into the interwebs is amazing to me. The pic is of me  and my grandson doing what we like almost better than anything.

Naptime on my own is being lazy. But add a grandchild,awwww.  What a racket!

Anyway I am going to hit publish and see if the changes took place.

I also encourage anyone who visits to leave a comment in the section below. Or let me know on Twitter.  @jbrown3079

I promised @debihen a post about concerts but that will probably be tomorrow.



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5 thoughts on “Bellbottom Blog redux

  1. I hope it will be a hippie concert with lots of granola…. and bellbottoms!

  2. Damn, I can’t see the picture! *disappointed!*

  3. I am particularly fond of naptime.

    And if I might toot my own horn, I’m rather good at it.

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