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Imagine your dream realized. Playing music on SNL. Then, someone tells you about the tweets.

That was the tweet I sent to @pulmyears during the commotion about the musical guest on Saturday Night Live last weekend.

Lana Del Ray was her name.  From the conversation on Twitter, she was awful,untalented,off-key, and shaky.

I didn’t see the performance in question, but let us look at it from the perspective of the performer.

You love singing. So, you sing all day to whoever will listen.  One day, you wind up being able to make a record.

One thing leads to another and you wind up being invited to appear on SNL.

You make it through dress rehearsal. Next time you sing on that stage, it will be LIVE  before more people than you could have ever hoped to sing for.

When you hear the show’s theme music playing, you know it is for real. Nowhere to hide.  Breathing become more and more difficult.  Your legs seem as if they belong to someone else.

Finally, it is time. You sing the best you can.  Every fiber of your being is screaming at you to make a break for it but you get through the song. You move off of the stage not really noticing the audience reaction.  The temporary sense of relief you feel is tempered by the knowledge there is one more song to go. But you survive the second song.  The end of the show comes very soon. You wave good night with the rest of the cast just like you have seen others do it for years.

You survived! Yesss!!!!

Then, someone tips you off to the conversation on Twitter.

Because that is how life evens things out.  From relief and exhilaration, to shock and depression.

Was I that bad, really?  Friends tell you to stop reading the tweets, but they just keep coming. You are a hashtag.  The pile of snark is getting deeper and deeper.

Not until the Golden Globes awards show starts can you catch a break. Ricky Gervais and how people dress becomes the trending topics on Twitter.

Look, all I am saying is there is another way of looking at the snark on Twitter.  Many people are deserving of it and I will not turn down the opportunity to deliver a snarky line of my own from time to time.

Well, anyway, that is what I think.  You can fire away in the comments if you like.




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