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Friday Potpourri Super Bowl Edition

We are coming LIVE from Indy. Home of this years Super Bowl.

What this will be today is random parts of my live blog  of Sunday’s game.

I would do the live blog on the day of the game but it might get lost in the shuffle.

So, let’s do this thing!

12:00 – 6:00 A lot of meaningless stories about every coach, player, equipment manager, and waterboy.

A fun drinking game would be to drink everytime someone expresses their surprise at how well Indy has handled hosting the game. (Not that we here at the BellbottomBlog condone drinking.)


(At a party, somewhere in Texas, a woman armed with the world’s longest extension cord, a laptop, Cheetos, and a sizable bottle of vodka slips into a closet for the next several hours.)

6:01-6:25 Player introductions and the coin toss. Otherwise known as the last chance to get settled in for the game.

6:26 Kelly Clarkson sings the National Anthem ending with a dozen doves flying out of her skirt.

6:29 The Blue Angels have a flyover that no one can see because we are in a DOME.

6:30 The Giants coach informs Homeland Security that the guy on the opposite sideline is with Occupy: Indy.

6:31 A startled Bill Belichick is escorted out of the arena never to return.

6:32 The opening kickoff goes through the end zone.

6:33-6:55 Commercials.

Skipping ahead…

7:35 Three minutes before halftime Madonna , furious over Kelly Clarkson and the dove trick, is back in her hotel room, refusing to come out.

7:40 A local high school band performs their usual halftime routine at the Super Bowl.  Later it will be found to have gotten the highest ratings for any halftime show, ever.

7:58-8:08 More commercials including the Ferris Bueller one. John Hughes spins in his grave. People use this time for a bathroom and snack break.

(I am skipping the football action in deference to the friends of this blog who don’t care for football)

(And I don’t want to give away the ending)

Finally the game ends and to make up for a whole day of football, men all over America sit through the season opener of The Voice.

The regular Friday Potpourri will be back next week

If you have any topic that you would like me to cover next Friday, let me know on Twitter or in the comments section.

And someone should check that closet in Texas Sunday night to make sure everything is ok.









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7 thoughts on “Friday Potpourri Super Bowl Edition

  1. Better to sit through the season opener of The Voice than Smash. I am sick of that show already just because of the 50+ times a night commercials they show for it.

    Thanks for not spoiling the ending of the game. One thing is for certain; at work the next day everyone will lament how “the playoff games were way more exciting than the Super Bowl.” This happens every year. The other certainty is those of us who do not enjoy football will be forced to listen to repeated play by plays of the game. Which, in retrospect, makes watching Smash seem less tortuous.

  2. Wait, is that person sipping vodka in the closet with Cheetos me? Because that sounds like me.

    Yes, please check on me later. That would be nice.

  3. I wasn’t planning on watching. Now I really don’t have to, because I know how it will go. Thank you for that.

    The Ferris Bueller commercial is awesome. But you’re right. I think John Hughes would have hated it.

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