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Need another Valentine post to read?

Last November, we moved into a house. The movers had left us with quite a mess to deal with and considering the hectic nature of the holidays along with the insurance claim we filed, most of our stuff remained in half opened boxes.

Finally, last week, the claim was processed and we felt we could finish the unpacking process.  Books were put on shelves. Pictures are being placed. Floor space is being reclaimed.

The main thing we were looking for in a house this time was a master suite. This house has just that. A large bedroom. A large bathroom and on the other side of the bathroom a large walk-in closet.

The closet has one of those closet systems. A combination of wire shelves and plenty of area to hang clothes up.

Here is where it gets a little problematic for the two of us.

My wife likes to be very organized with her clothes. Slacks here. Blouses there. Color coordinated preferably.

Me, not so much. I was using the shelves for almost all of my stuff.  T-shirts mixed with sweatshirts mixed with jeans.  No rhyme or reason to it.

As we were straightening our space out, we attacked her part of the closet. and got everything just where she wanted it.

I should mention here that I do all the laundry, so the mess is really all my fault.

Anyway, after she went to work Monday afternoon, I went out to buy some flowers for Valentines Day. Since we had made the bedroom look so good, I thought the flowers should be placed in that room. I put the vase where she could see them as she came in.

I was very pleased with myself. I also had a little time on my hands, so I went into the closet and hung everything of mine that had been on shelves. Like a big boy. Still no method to it but the shelves were clear.

A few hours later, the garage door opens. My wife is home. I can’t wait for her to see the flowers.

She goes upstairs. I hear some shuffling around.  20 minutes go by. Eventually, she starts back down the stairs. A big smile on her face.

I think the flowers were a big hit.

She moves close to me and says, “I put your clothes in order.”

“Did you see the flowers?”

“Yes, they are nice.”

“But, you liked the closet better?”

Even bigger smile,”Yes, I did..”

We went upstairs and she showed me the sweatshirts in one spot, then t-shirts, then sweaters, then jeans, then button up shirts.

21 Valentine Days together. Lots of candy and flowers. A Garth Brooks concert.  But I will have to say the smile in her eyes yesterday made this the best one yet.






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4 thoughts on “Need another Valentine post to read?

  1. Aww! That’s a marvelous story! A “real” Valentine’s Day is just overrated anyway. It’s the simple gifts… and not just on holidays!

  2. What a beautiful post John. Your love really shines through in this.

    I’ve been married a little more than a decade and I could clearly learn a thing or two from you.

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