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Finding Love Chapter Four

The big day is here.

June 1, 1991

Slightly 4 months since their first date, here they are.

The weather is perfect. Sun shining. Not much wind. Not too hot.

He woke up happy that he had rejected the idea of a bachelor party.

His friends had pushed him about it, but he felt his life as a single man covered all the things that would be in such a party. And he wanted to be at his best on this day he had waited so long for.

They arrived separately around 3:00 for the 5:00 ceremony. The plan was that she would get her hair finished after the dress was on and they would take all the official pictures before the ceremony. But as with most things, the hair took a little longer than expected.  So, he paced around the small area near the front of the church. His nerves were frayed. As were hers.

He checked his pocket and found that he had $25.00 left. They had really cut it close with the money.

The clock continued to move.

His cousin mentioned that his car was right outside the door if he wanted to change his mind.

The groom managed a weak smile.

Eventually, they decided the pictures would have to wait until after the ceremony.

From their respective locations, the sound of the church filling up and the organist playing let them know the time was near.

At the prompting of the minister, he came out from the room into the front of the church, taking his place near the front of the altar.

He surveyed the crowd. Exchanging nods and smiles with family and friends. Trying to remember to breathe.

The organist started the processional.

The bridesmaids came down the aisle followed by her daughter and then as he looked toward the back. Framed in the door with her father was his bride-to-be.

All the anxiety, worries, nerves were replaced with a feeling that he was soooooo incredibly lucky to be standing where he was on this day.

She came down the aisle.

Both of them smiling as large as anyone has ever smiled.

They joined hands as the preacher started to speak.

Exchanging a quick squeeze of each others hands trying to reassure one another that this was really happening.

As the vows were recited and various candles were lit, there was a moment coming up that they were both looking forward to.

A young couple who were singers at this church and many others around the area were handling the duties this day.

But for this song which came near the end of the ceremony, the man would do a solo to the Lords Prayer.

It sounded and looked close to this:


Now all that was left was for the preacher to say: “I now pronounce you man and wife.”

The walk down the aisle was full of happiness and applause.

No bloopers were committed during the ceremony.

A receiving  line was quickly formed to thank the guests as they left to go to the reception.

The weight of the world has been lifted off of their shoulders.  Everything had come together wonderfully. They accepted the congratulations of all those who had attended. Laughter and jokes filled the area.

Pictures were taken. With all the different possible combinations.

After that was done, the bride and groom drove off to the reception.

And into the rest of their life together.


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2 thoughts on “Finding Love Chapter Four

  1. ‘Both of them smiling as large as anyone has ever smiled.’ I can actually see this. What a beautiful image.

    Great story John.

    My brother Michael and I are terribly close. Before his wedding, I repeatedly insisted to his wife that it wasn’t too late for her to bail out on the whole marriage thing.

    For years, it’s been a joke that I still tell her. ‘It’s not too late to get out of this family Sara.’

    Like I say, it’s ok because my brother and I are so close.

    • Marrying into families has its own special set of challenges. This is true.
      I might have to learn some basic German. Today I have 4 times as many views from your country as from this one.

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