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Friday Potpourri Vol. 11

Here we are again.

Let’s try some movie reviews this week for starters, shall we?

One thing you should know is, I don’t go to the movies very often.  Hardly ever. But in a weak moment, my wife and son talked me into watching The Avengers.  You might have heard of it.  It has made 20 bazillion dollars since it came out.  We went to the non-3D version. Our son had already seen it once and he said the 3D was a waste of  money.

Now, I am not a Marvel Comics guy.  Mainly because I am too old for comic books. When I was a kid D.C. Comics were my preferred brand. Superman. Batman. The Flash. Green Lantern. Aquaman.

Anyway, my review of The Avengers is that it was very entertaining. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it.  There were some funny parts.  The special effects were well done.

The actual theater experience had all the usual flaws.  I might be repeating myself here but I am not going back through all the previous posts to check on it. So, bear with me.

First of all, it cost me as much at the concessions as it did for the tickets.  Granted they are using Orville’s popcorn now. And there IS a difference.

Second, the movie theater had the volume turned up way too far.

Then, the movie started late.

One of the ads was for a new TV show coming out soon.  Bunheads: From the people who brought you The Gilmore Girls.  No it is not about a wacky family of bakers.  You might think that but you would be wrong. Any more guesses?  I’ll wait………………….Give up? It is about someone who opens a dance studio in a wacky small town.  She teaches ballet.  The students put their hair up in a bun, get it?  Bunheads!!  Genius I tell you!

The Warner Brothers would be turning over in their graves to see a TV show in the coming attractions.

Also, there was no cartoon.  How long have I been away?  Why wouldn’t you put a cartoon on before a movie that is essentially a live-action cartoon?

All in all, I think it was a good experience.  You would like it. Or not. There is no money back guarantee with this review. I told you I don’t go to movies very often.

On the other hand, on HBO, there is a movie called Hemingway and Gellhorn.  The next part has spoilers, so skip over the following five paragraphs if you want to be surprised by how the movie unfolds.

It is about Ernest Hemingway and Martha Gellhorn.  They are both writers that meet, fall in love, get married, and eventually she asks for a divorce. Right there I just saved you 154 minutes. That is how long the movie lasts. I looked it up.  I didn’t last anywhere near that long.

Clive Owen plays Hemingway.  The problem with that is he looks NOTHING and I mean NOTHING like Hemingway. If you can’t find an actor who looks like Hemingway, why not fictionalize the story so I won’t be distracted by the fact your lead actor looks nothing like Hemingway.

Nicole Kidman plays Gellhorn. I liked her in the brief time I watched.  But, Clive Owen made viewing the movie impossible.  Just wretched.

As was the case with I Walk The Line, another movie I detest, if you can’t cast the main character right, you have lost me.  And my annoyance in both cases comes from the fact that Johnny Cash and Ernest Hemingway are two artists that I admire.

Spend the 154 minutes reading A Movable Feast by Ernest Hemingway. You will be glad you did.

Probably by the end of the day, I will have tweeted my 10,000 tweet.  Browsing through them, you could find at least a dozen keepers. You might have to look real hard but they are in there.

Also, today is our 21st wedding anniversary.  If you followed my series of posts called Finding Love, you know the story of how it all started.  We are still here, still in love.   It ‘s a nice feeling.

Until next time…







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