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Vacation News

I have had great fun following Ken’s trip to Texas and Amy’s trips to Florida and NYC.

I am aware of all the difficulty involved with those trips.

However, I believe I have one that has the potential to top all of those as far as degree of difficulty goes.

Mt wife and I are taking a trip by car to Oklahoma in the next couple of days.  Doesn’t sound too tough you say?

Well, get a load of this!

We are taking our 1 year 3 month old grandchild with us.  That’s right!

King Kong ain’t got nothing on us! (Sorry,got carried away.)

I can’t guarantee how this is going to go, but I will have a post about it when we are done.

With all the stuff you have to take for a young one, I don’t think there will be room for the computer, so no posts from the road.

Maybe some tweets.  Maybe some pics.

That is something to look forward to, right?

So for the next week, please send some kind thoughts our way for clear weather and a calm child.

See ya in a week.




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6 thoughts on “Vacation News

  1. Ooh, Oklahoma! This is exciting. I’ve actually been to Oklahoma! My friend’s uncle lives there and we stopped on our way through to Arizona. We went to a museum (that I almost got kicked out of because I tripped and accidentally almost touched one of the scupltures trying not to fall and a guard was all “NO TOUCHING!!!”) and saw many of those oil thingies that go up and down and look like they’re out of Dr. Seuss. It was windy and stark and I liked it very much.

    Have fun! Be safe! Many good thoughts sent! Calming kiddo thoughts sent, too! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  2. We traveled from Central Washington State to Oceanside CA with then 4 year old and a 2 year grandsons once. We survived. So will you!!!

  3. This is exciting news. I’d have petitioned for making room for the computer, but I suppose I’ll survive the waiting.

    Just to be clear: I’m presently waiting to hear how the trip went. Waiting very patiently.

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