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Friday Potpourri Vol. 14

Here we go!

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Well…this week on Twitter I had a run-in with a vegan.  I really wasn’t expecting it.  An innocent comment to a guy who said the Vegans were after him started the exchange.

I suggested maybe the vegan community could use a cheeseburger.  Might calm them down.

A vegan said he would follow my advice if he wanted “cancer/heart disease/obesity”.

I pointed out that I have none of those and I am 56 years old.

He said, “Not yet. These things tend to sneak up on you. Either way, all that will be left will be vegans.”

I didn’t pursue it after that last bit.  A couple of days later, a writer named @SaraJBenincasa  was putting off doing any writing and asked her followers for questions.  The  best part was that she would answer in haiku.

So, I asked the following question: “A vegan told me I would die unless I stopped eating meat:prediction or should I get a restraining order?”

Sara answered with this:

silly!vegan farts/

Could kill a man dear God no/

we all die, Hooray!

How cool is that?

By the way, I don’t care if you are a vegan or not.  Just don’t wish me dead to make your point about the hazards of eating meat.

In other news, I have been trying to find a show that will counterbalance my viewing of Duck Dynasty and Ice Road Truckers.

I had two possibilities:  The Newsroom and Political Animals.

I find the news and politics interesting so I went into these with high hopes.

Let’s dispense with Political Animals first.  This was just train-wreck bad.  Every lame twist possible was used.  So it will probably run forever.

The Newsroom just fired all their writers.  I don’t know for sure how that will affect the quality of the show.  I am amazed that they lifted the Jim-Pam-Roy storyline from The Office.  Rainn Wilson, who plays Dwight on the show,  just called them on it a few minutes ago on Twitter.  Lots of speeches.  But Sam Waterston is great. And as Amy pointed out the newscast part of the show is pretty strong.

For fans of the original Saturday Night Live, there was some sad news. Tom Davis, one of the first writers hired for the show, died at the age of 59.  He was hired along with Al Franken, the current Senator from Minnesota. They were a comedy team, Franken and Davis.

I may have mentioned it in another post, but the first four years of Saturday Night Live, really meant a lot to me as a fan of comedy.

This was my generation making an impact.

Until I read his obit in the New York Times, I didn’t realize how close in age we are.  Mr. Davis is just 3 years older than me.

I purchased my first VCR just to record the show when I was at work.  A big, heavy monster of a VCR.  The remote had a cord.  You read that right,  a cord.  It loaded from the top and had knobs to dial in the channels with on the front.

I have those seasons on DVD.  When I look at them now, the lighting is not the best.  It is a little rough around the edges, but it is still funny.  AND, the original group wasn’t as dependent on cue cards as more recent incarnations have been.

Tom Davis wrote a memoir a few years ago, called Thirty-Nine Years Of Short-Term Memory Loss.  Very funny and honest book.

One last thing, Twitter had an update last week which resulted in me having to re-follow all the people I had been following.

I don’t know why that happens.  It stinks.

So I wrote this tweet, “Twitter’s unfollows have caused more trouble than Andy Cohen at a Real Housewives reunion.”

Until next time,





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10 thoughts on “Friday Potpourri Vol. 14

  1. Ooh, so many things.

    I don’t like that a vegan told you that you were going to die! I hate in-your-face things like that. Keep your politics out of my kitchen. There’s no room in there for them as I’m in there chowing down on various meat products.

    They fired all the Newsroom writers? Already? That can’t be good. I love that Rainn Wilson called them on the Pam & Jim thing! Hee!

    I didn’t hear about Tom Davis until your post. Oh, that’s so sad. I loved early SNL, too (didn’t watch it when it first aired, but caught up on it all years later – I’m a huge SNL fan.) I’ll have to look more into that. He was so young! How heartbreaking!

    • That sort of smugness that comes over reformed smokers, former meat eaters, born-again Christians really puts me off. They can’t be happy for their own lives unless they can pester someone else about changing theirs.

  2. debihen on said:

    Dear Vegans,

    EVERYBODY dies.



  3. What is it about vegans and religious fanatics that makes them think they know how we all should live?

    There is a vegan at my work who always lectures that you don’t need to kill animals to get protein. It makes me want to kill an animal right there in front of her just to prove a point. There are never any random animals wandering around when you need one.

    I’m going to the freezer and hiding her algae smoothies right now while I’m thinking about it. I’m afraid if I put it off, I’ll forget.

  4. Fact of the matter is no vegan has an answer when you say “Bacon”. They will put on a brave front, but they will go to sleep dreaming of eating a pound of crispy bacon.
    I am never taking the advice of someone who thinks kale in any form is an acceptable alternative for a bacon cheeseburger. Besides I always put lettuce on it. Shouldn’t I get points for that?

  5. I watched the first Political Animals. I thought, “It’s neat to see misogyny masquerading as feminism.” Don’t get me started on the gay character.

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