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Olympics and a Book Review

Really I could write anything now, the title is enough to get people here.

On the 18th I wrote about the Olympics and as things have turned out, everything I said came true.

Except for the vitriol that has been aimed at NBC for their boneheaded decision to not play the event in real time.  They have saved all the best of the day and made nightly specials.  The problem is everyone knows the results.  It is everywhere.  Even NBC’s own Nightly News has, under the guise of journalism, given spoilers about events that are going to be shown in primetime.  In one particularly egregious moment, they ran a commercial congratulating an Olympian for their Gold just BEFORE they showed the segment in which she won the medal.

NBC has responded by telling people they (NBC) knows what is best and people should just shut up.  They even got one Twitter account temporarily suspended.

This from a company who is going to lose a large amount of money.  They already admitted this months ago.  The losses are going to be in the millions.

Let me say this:  If they showed the games on the main channel in real time, EVERY coffee shop, bar, restaurant, waiting room, and office would be  tuned to the Games.  They would be the talk of the day and the package that NBC would show in primetime would be enhanced by families getting together to watch what they had seen earlier in the day.

As the late great John Belushi would say on SNL, “But nooooooooooooooo” they won’t do it.

Well, the hell with it.  We have bigger fish to fry here on the Bellbottom Blog.

Amy’s book is out.  OUT OF TRUE is available on Amazon and Goodreads just to name a couple of places.

I bought it for Kindle and I have to tell you it is an amazing piece of work.

I don’t read much poetry, but I can spot great writing when I see it.  I haven’t read all of this book yet.  The reason is her work is so complex and wonderful it would be like eating a five pound box of the finest chocolate all at once.

My favorite poem so far is One Honest Man.

Her work in this book should be savored.  I wish I could write well enough to tell you how special this book is.  You are going to have to trust me on this.  Buy a copy.  You won’t be sorry.

I mentioned that I have it for Kindle but I am going to buy the actual book so I can place it on the bookcase along side my other favorite books.

Her blog is LucysFootball.  A link is in the blogroll.

You can read her book while you are avoiding Olympic spoilers!

Everybody wins!

And isn’t that what the Olympics are all about.





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4 thoughts on “Olympics and a Book Review

  1. I won’t comment on the Olympics since I don’t really care about that.

    BUT! Amy’s book I do care about. Immensely! I’m ordering the paperback also, I seems like a book you want to savour. You know: read one poem, put the book down and think about it for a while. Then pick it up again and read some more. Can’t hardly wait!

  2. Aw, thank you so much! I don’t even have the words to describe how pleased I am you’re enjoying it. I like “One Honest Man,” too. I have a story about that one! It’s one of the few I’ve read in front of people (which PETRIFIES me.) I got up and read some others, and left that one for last, and everyone was very quiet until that one…and then everyone started laughing, and cheering, and saying “YES!” and it was one of the best talking-in-front-of-people experiences of my life, even if I was so nervous I almost died. 🙂

    • I was worried that I had lost the ability to fully appreciate poetry . Normally I read at a fast pace. So when I slowed down to take in every nuance in your writing, I was worried. But then I saw others were reading it the same way. If you can use anything I have written to help promote the book, please help yourself.

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