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In Other News

While the debates are going on, I thought it would be a good time to bring the blog up to date.

I haven’t written anything for a while because my wife recently had shoulder surgery and I have been on full-time nursing duty.

Tomorrow will be three weeks since she had the operation.   I am happy to report that the patient is recovering well.

Going into it, we didn’t ask too many questions about the procedure.  The doctor smoothly assured us it would be a couple of small holes and the bad stuff would be removed.

Sounds simple.

While the nurse was prepping my wife for surgery, we asked about pain medication for afterward. She wanted something mild.  The nurse looked at her and said, ” Oh no. You want the good stuff. Except for back surgery, nothing is more painful than shoulder surgery.”

Nice time to find that out.

They sent us home with a prescription for very strong pain pills and an ice machine.

You fill this thing that looks like a regular cooler with ice and water.  It is connected to a cooling pad that fits on the shoulder. When it gets plugged in, a cold stream of ice water flows through the pad.  The trick is you have to refill it every couple of hours. That first night, I set the alarm to go off every two hours for ice and pain meds.

Well, we survived the night and fortunately the pain became manageable after that.  We found out that the recovery time for this will be several weeks.  Which stinks.  But it does give us time together that we haven’t had. I don’t recommend surgery as a way to find more family time. Just saying it has been a nice side effect.

Well, the debate is wrapping up and I am allowed to rejoin my wife.  (She says I have a habit of talking to the tv and she finds it distracting.) Also, I am a Democrat and she is a Republican.  But I am sure the talking thing is the big problem.

Until next time, you kids be nice to each other.



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4 thoughts on “In Other News

  1. You know, I was going to tweet you today because I hadn’t seen you in ever and was worried. I’m glad you’re ok! I’ve missed you!

    Your job is to tell me what happened at the debates. I missed them due to work. Did we win? Did anyone make fools of themselves? Was anything embarrassing? Will Saturday Night Live have lots of joke-fodder this weekend?

  2. debihen on said:

    Having nursed my husband through 2 shoulder surgeries I both sympathize and commend you. As for Talking Through The Debate vs the Democrat/Repubilcan thing…I’m stayin neutral on that one :-).

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