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Election Aftermath

Just a short post to wrap up the political series of posts that I have done.

I am very happy that the election went almost exactly like I predicted.

To recap:

I said the President would be reelected by around 3 million votes.  He has exceeded that.

I said the Electoral College number  would be over 320 votes.  It was.

I said the Senate would have 55 Democrats when it was all said and done.  They got 53 Democrats and 2 Independents who will caucus with the Dems so 55 was right as well.

I had also said on Twitter that I hoped the results would be known by ten so I could watch Fox News and laugh and laugh.  Well, I missed that by an hour or so, but I did manage to laugh and laugh.

Especially when Karl Rove tried to reel back the calling of Ohio by the Fox News election experts.  Lord,was he a riot!

He was all Wait! Wait!

It reminded me of the scene in Trading Places where Don Ameche’s character tries to get the Stock Exchange started back up after Ackroyd and Murphy bankrupt him.  “Turn those machines on!,” he screams.

Poor Karl was doing the same thing with the same sorry results. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer person.

So now we move on.  I will still write about current events.  I enjoyed doing these.  But real life is tapping me on the shoulder and I will have a post up over the next day or two concerning that.

Thanks for putting up with these.



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3 thoughts on “Election Aftermath

  1. We have even more to chuckle about up here in Washington State. We passed recreational marijuana law and Gay marraige law. We have a surge of “patriotic conservatives” who are calling for our state to secede from the union. I have had several of these folks declair on facebook that they are concidering moving to Canada. Go ahead folks…they already have socialized medicine, and legalized gay marraige, so yeah, that’s a real educated choice.

    I love it when folks like this show their intelligence…hehehe!

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