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I Am In A Video

I mentioned that it was a plan this year to try to make a little more effort to publicize this blog.  As an attempt to do so, I sent my last post about guns to .

They are a very good site if you look at things from the perspective that we do here at the Bellbottom Blog.

Almost immediately after sending the post, they contacted me and asked if I would make a 30 second video for a series they have called BLUNT.  They compile the contributions and create a video.

You and I know we don’t do technology here, so I was a little reticent to try anything for them. But as they explained how simple it was, I found myself running out of excuses.

(Point your phone at your face, talk for 30 sec. send it to us.)

Of course, it isn’t all that simple.  I haven’t attempted anything like that since Communications class during my senior year of high school.  39 years ago. We studied newspapers, radio, and television.  No internet back then.

I remembered enough to scribble a script out on paper torn from the shopping list, went over it a few times, and started to make the video.  And the 30 second part is hard as well.  Thanks to Twitter, I have learned to be concise.

It took three attempts.  When you film yourself with a phone it is not easy to make sure you are centered in the frame.

Finally, it was done.  I sent it in on Friday and waited for the finished product to be completed.

Monday afternoon, it was.

I was a nervous wreck as I started the video.  It is a shade over 10 minutes long.  If I did this right you can view it below this post.

I am extremely proud to be a part of this.  The editing is outstanding. And the visual that was placed over the last few words that I contributed took my breath away.

I think it is an important message whether or not I was in the video.

My thanks go to @GottaLaff who is one of the two women who run and is the person who talked me into contributing.  I can’t thank her enough for the opportunity.

You should check out their site.  Bookmark it.  Go to it often.

And as we always say here




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8 thoughts on “I Am In A Video

  1. dianeprokop on said:

    Fantastic! Thanks for walking the talk.

    I had to go to to view it. Well worth the effort. Might be due to an iPad malfunction though.

  2. Thanks. I was happy to have the chance.

  3. Wow. That was very powerful. Perhaps you guys actually have a chance to make a change for the better. I sincerely hope so.

  4. So proud of you! What a great video! You did such a great job, AND you embedded a video on your blog! SUCCESS ALL AROUND!!!

  5. debihen on said:

    Thank you for being brave and standing up to say what you believe! Awesome video! And it’s nice to see you as a walking, talking person!

    • Thanks. I know when I read other peoples work, it is nice to put a voice to it. As far as contributing to the video, it just seemed like the right thing to do. And she did a wonderful job with it.

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