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Friday Potpourri Vol. 19


Doesn’t a cruise sound like fun?  Lido decks. Gopher and Issac.

It’s all fun and games and Charo until the power goes out.  Then you have 4000 people stranded at sea without adequate plumbing alternatives.  Low on food and patience.

Five days floating in the Gulf Of Mexico, I can’t begin to imagine the stench.

But, the final indignity was yet to come.  As they were tugged into port, who was waiting for them?  Erin Burnett and the CNN cameras.

How did you feel?

What was it like?

CNN went all in on their coverage of the disembarking.   Understandable, since Jeff Zucker is in charge at CNN now.  He used to run the Today Show which means fluff and filler is his specialty.

It took three hours to clear the ship of passengers.  They were allowed to keep the bathrobes the cruise provides in the cabins.

I just read that they got full refunds, paid transportation back to the point where the trip started and $500.00 in cash.

That won’t stop the flurry of lawsuits which always follow something like this.

That was an interesting way to spend Valentine’s Day.

If you survived the cruise ship, the next thing in the news might have given you pause.

A giant thing from space was hurtling toward the Earth.

Something landed in Russia and it was caught on dashcams.

Former baseball player Jose Canseco said on Twitter that it was not a meteor but something fired from North Korea.  Since Mr. Canseco is not a former scientist, I believe we can dismiss his claim.  At least, for now.

I tried to not get very invested in that.  You know, what can you do?  If it hits it hits.

Finally, since it was Valentines Day, here is one of my favorite songs.

(Two embedded videos?  Yeah, I am embracing this new ability.)


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  1. You make me laugh!

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