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Christmas 2013

Let’s just get this out of the way before you are bombarded with hundreds of these posts.

Christmas in our house is kind of a mixed bag this year.

Our son is living in Virginia with his girlfriend so for the first time in his and our lives he won’t be with us on Christmas morning. That is sad.  We are going to visit him over the following weekend so our sadness will be temporary.

The fun part of the day will be watching our grandson open presents.  He is two and a half so he will be experiencing the joy of opening presents for the first time. He was too young to get what was going on last year.

I wish you all well this holiday season.  Health, happiness all that stuff.

Here is a song for you all. You have to admit the kids in this are unrelentingly cute.



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2 thoughts on “Christmas 2013


    Christmas is kind of weird here this year, too – Dad’s coming up tomorrow and bringing me presents and we’re getting Chinese food; Christmas morning I’m going to visit The Nephew and his mom (watching a 4-year-old open presents = total win!) and the rest of Christmas day = me, the cat, and opening MY presents. Surprisingly? I’m kind of into this. It’s going to be low-stress and all on my timeline and I’m looking forward to all of it!

    I hope you have the best Christmas, and a safe trip to visit your son!

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