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I have been wondering about movies.

Specifically, how our view of them might change as time goes by.

Let’s take two from a certain era: Star Wars and Rocky.

Star Wars was, as George Lucas has said, was a space western.  The good guys were really good and Darth Vader was really evil.

Seeing it in the theater, back when it first came out, was quite an experience.  In the 70’s,most films were light on special effects and long on dialogue.

You know the ones.  The Godfather. Annie Hall. An Unmarried Woman. Dog Day Afternoon. All wonderful.

You could see where movies were about to go. Bigger effects, splashier colors.  What was going to give? The writing.  Story.

But at the same time, here comes Rocky.

A small story about one man’s search for love and redemption.

And make no mistake, it was a love story. Remember Rocky taking Adrian skating.  Protecting her from Paulie.

The writing was so well done. It was the little movie that could. Before Stallone became Sly.

Sooo, how have they held up?

Well, George Lucas keeps remaking,redoing, even 3D ing, Star Wars. If he isn’t satisfied, who am I to offer a different opinion?  It is showing its age.

On the other hand, I think Rocky holds up very well.  Every time I watch it, I am sucked right back into that wonderful story.

I am having a hard time trying to think of a current movie that would have the staying power of these two.

Unless Jack and Jill gets re- released in 3D.


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