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The Magic Is In The Memory part 2

I promised @debihen a concert post so here it is.

Way back when (actually Feb. 1994) my wife and I had been married for a little over two and a half years.  A friend of ours got a hold of two tickets for a Garth Brooks concert. Now at that time, Mr. Brooks was the hottest concert ticket going.

The concert was at the University of Notre Dame Campus. It was the first time since our honeymoon we had a day for ourselves. And I did mention it was Garth Brooks, right?

So, we traveled about two hours , stayed overnight at a hotel called Amish Acres, and on Feb. 12 1994 we drove to the concert. The opening act was a small woman who had been selling t-shirts at his concerts. Her name wasn’t even on the tickets.  She was Martina McBride. Very nice 30 min. set.  Such a strong ,powerful voice.

Then an announcer said, “Five minutes to Garth!”  I can’t explain what the following five minutes sounded like. The roar was deafening and never let up. The concert hall was where Notre Dame plays its basketball games.

The lights go down. You can see the musicians taking their places.  The music starts. The lights go up. Garth appears seemingly out of nowhere.

The crowd gets even louder, now singing along. They stand for the first four songs, until Garth says, “We play a long concert. You might want to sit a little.”

Well, he sang everything you would want to hear. It was a blast. My wife and I as we were leaving knew we had experienced a great show. Hard to top Garth Brooks as a Valentine Day memory.

And the reason I remember the date so well is because buried in my wallet is the ticket stub from that night.

P.S. No bellbottoms were spotted that night. Plenty of first-time worn boots and cowboy hats.



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