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Helter Seltzer

Well…let’s try another one.

I should mention that the titles of these posts are from my own tweets from here on out.  They may or may not have anything to do with the subject matter of the posting.

This title came from a hashtag game on Twitter.  The game was less threatening song titles.

I really enjoy some of these hashtag games.  Anything that makes you think of things in a different way is good for you, I believe.

And Twitter has provided that in great quantity.

The pleasant surprise for me has been the international flavor of my timeline. From Munich to the United Kingdom (Hi, guys) to Australia . Subjects as varied as: tea, vampires, classic movies, Stephen Hawking, yoga, zen.  Usually with a healthy dose of humor.

As I try to sort out where I want to go with this blog, I want to thank you for noticing.


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