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Friday Potpourri

So there I was stuck for a new post.

WordPress suggested asking people for input.

I sent out a tweet that said, Need an idea for a blog post.

Fortunately, I have a small group of followers who are helpful with that sort of thing. One of the newest @julierosesmk suggested “psychology of kittens “.  @debihen came up with “jury duty”. @lgalaviz had a number of choices to pick from.  “philosophical post on your favorite soup”. “list my deepest fears”.something about pirate hats.

Since I know at least three people will read this, here we go.

Psychology of  Kittens

Kittens make me nervous. Mainly because they grow up to be cats and everyone knows you just can not trust a cat. Maybe this should be under—

My Deepest Fears

Yeah, this is where the cats should be. Along with my fear of anyone who has taken a semester of Psychology.  Have you ever had a conversation with someone who has completed such a class?  They use phrases like “Don’t project your feelings onto me”, “You seem awfully defensive”, “Someone has mommy issues”.   You know, Dr. Phil kind of stuff.

I bet Philosophy majors would belong in this section as well. People who have a philosophy about raising kids without having any of their own would be at the head of the list.

When you are trying to talk a small child into eating baby  food peas , an extensive knowledge of the works of Plato will never help you.

This is flying along. Let’s see what we have left. Pirate hats. Soup . Jury Duty.

@lgalaviz has cornered the market for pirate hats on Twitter. She informed me that she has 11 of them.  Nice, but you can only wear one at a time, so 11 seems like overkill.  Maybe you use different ones depending on what you are doing.  One for marauding, another for pillaging, a third for movie night. I dunno. Enough with the hats already.


I don’t eat (drink?) soup. And you can’t talk me into it.

I like chicken and noodles but not when it looks like it is drowning. Which leads us to….

Jury Duty

@debihen says she has been on jury duty twice and found the accused guilty both times.  So, if you are on trial in her area, a plea agreement would be the best course of action.

I have served on jury duty.  It was interesting.I was one of the people who didn’t want to get out of it.  I wanted to experience the whole thing from beginning to end. That put me in the minority.

The excuses were pathetic.

“I can’t put myself in the position of judging another person.”

This was far and away my favorite.  How incredibly lame is that! We judge people all day long.  The idiot in front of you asking the Subway sandwich specialist what kind of soup they have, for example.  The person who, at a 4-way stop, can’t count to four.  Twitter is full of judging.

Anyway, I got to serve on a one day trial.  We found the person innocent, which really pissed off the prosecutor. He left mumbling.

But the next time I was called for jury duty, one of the attorneys asked me about previous jury experience and I told him about the last time I served. I was excused and as I was leaving, the guy who used that lame excuse I cited above was selected. So, I won at jury duty. Judge that!

Man, this was a lot of typing.

My thanks to Julie, Debbie, and Lisa for the suggestions.



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