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Prediction Time

This will be short and sweet.

I predict the President will be re-elected.

In the Electoral College, he needs 270 to win. I predict he will get around 320.

In the popular vote, despite all the voter suppression, he will win by about 3 million.  Not as much as the last time when he won by 8.5 million, but a comfortable margin nonetheless.

In the Senate, I think the Democrats will wind up with 55 seats.  And I imagine the House will stay about the same.

By the way, I also predict that whatever the winning margin is the right wing will say it is not a mandate.  You can ignore that.  Winning this election, with all the money and lies that were thrown in his way, will be one hell of a mandate.

Anyway, I thought to write a few political posts without making a prediction would be weak.  So here it is.

If you haven’t voted, please do.  No matter who you are voting for.  I never vote a straight ticket and I don’t expect anyone else to either.



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