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Why Doesn’t Tombstone Have a Chain of Pizza Parlors?

Now that I have your attention, welcome to my blog.

There was not a lot of clamoring for another one of these. I know,I know. You have enough to read as it is.

I blame Twitter for this. Over the past year, I have been commenting on Twitter and on blogs.  For the moment those blogs and the people who write them will be nameless. If this goes over alright, I might feel confident enough to include some of those wonderful folks, with their permission of course.

So, what will we talk about here, you ask?

Not much politics or religion, I am afraid. Those topics can be polarizing . Who needs it?

I would rather talk about everyday things. Being a dad. Being a granddad. Husband.

Random things  that come to me for which 140 characters is not enough.

Like the title of this post.

I am not computer literate enough to make this thing pretty.  Any constructive comments are always welcome.

So for now, I am going to hit publish and see what happens.

Maybe I will stand a little farther back before I hit that button.


I wrote the above as sort of an introduction. Now I feel the need to refresh it a bit, but I don’t have the heart to erase it.  So, if you are new here, I will  write about a wide variety of things as you can tell by going through the archives.

Please feel free to stroll or scroll through the posts.  I encourage you to comment on any or, if you are really feeling adventurous, all of them.

I did give in on the politics pledge.

And I learned how to embed YouTube videos.

Also, there is a blogroll that wasn’t there at the start.  It is full of wonderful writers who I consider friends of this blog.

One last thing, I decided after a few posts that I wanted a way to end each posting. So I settled on this one.


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