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Saturday Potpourri

Usually this would be called Friday Potpourri but it is after midnight. So Saturday Potpourri it is.

Let’s see. Earlier in the week there was quite the commotion on Twitter. It seems the President mentioned his position on gay marriage had evolved to the point that he was okay with it, but it was still up to the individual states to decide on what they wanted. All other news was pushed to the side while Twitter had one of those typical timeline takeovers. On and on it went. A full day of that with no end in sight.

Until a strange thing happened.

Time magazine released the advance picture of their next cover.

The story was about breastfeeding and what the cutoff should be.

I doubt that Time gives a flier one way or the other about this topic. They just wanted the cover.  Which was of a mom with her son. He was standing on a chair. I think he is three years old. And it appears that he is breastfeeding.

As we learned from the Janet Jackson Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction, nothing gets attention like a partially uncovered breast.

Most of the comments ranged from eww to EWWWWW!!

What is interesting here is the fact that the conversation never really went back to the gay marriage topic.

So, I guess that is settled. Good job, Twitter!

While I am writing this, I am listening to Rita Wilson’s debut album AM/FM.

Really well done. She has a very light touch to her singing.

And the song choices are stellar.

All I Have To Do Is Dream.  Never My Love.  Good Time Charlie’s Got The Blues.

My favorite tweet of mine over the past week is this one:

If Samuel Adams Boston Lager is so damn good, why do they make 20 other flavors?

Sunday is Mothers Day.

I know how it sneaks up on people.  Maybe there should be more advertising.

Here at the Bellbottom Blog, we have picked up some new visitors according to the stats.

So, let me take a second to thank you for coming here.  It has been gratifying the kind words you folks have shared with me, either in the comments or on Twitter.

The last post had two of my favorite comments since I started this thing.

As I mentioned when I started this blog in  January, feel free to leave a comment or ask a question. I read every comment and try to respond to all.

So, until the next time…






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