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Storage Wars and other stuff

@lucysfootball Has never seen Storage Wars.

I am not surprised because she goes to the theatre and writes incredibly long and hilarious blog posts, so where would she find the time to watch this show.

Fortunately for her, I have. And I like to think this blog can be educational. Why just the other day, someone found this blog looking for the following: Do the scooters from the Scooter Store really work? Ok, that is a bad example because I didn’t address that in the posting. I am sure they do though or else they wouldn’t be able to advertise on tv, right?

Anyway,back to the show. This gem of a show has,as most of these shows do, a certain pattern to it.

First, the premise.  Have you ever wondered where all the junk in consignment stores comes from? Wonder no more. People who own these stores go to storage locker facilities. When someone hasn’t kept up the payments on their lockers, the storage companies put these lockers up for auction.

The locker is opened. Bidders get five minutes to look in without entering the locker. Then the bidding commences. Highest bidder gets the locker. Then later on, they get to go through the locker and see if there is enough items of value to get their money back.

That, right there, should be enough for a show, but there is more.

The show focuses of a handful of regulars who try to outfox each other. Now we are not confusing this with a Mensa meeting.

We have Barry, the oldest one: Dave, the annoying one with his trademark shout of “YUUUP” when he bids: Darryl, the sleeveless one: and Jarrod and Brandi: the couple.

(By the way, can anyone tell me just when i took the place of y at the end of women’s names? Was this before bellbottoms?)

So, we follow them through the bidding process and as we do, there are cut-ins where they get to trash what the others are doing or pat themselves on the back for being shrewd.

Eventually, they look through the lockers and usually someone finds something of value that needs to be appraised. Which leads us to the end of the show where this weeks winners and losers are revealed.

Is it entertaining?  I suppose so. In the way that eating potato chips can be. It doesn’t require a lot of thought, which can be nice.

So, Amy, there it is.  The next someone around the office starts talking about the show, drop your voice an octave and say, “Yuuup!” Knowing smiles will abound.

One other thing today, the Super Bowl is happening in my new hometown of Indianapolis.  I am not going, nor do I have tickets. But the downtown area is really hopping with activity. My son, who works down there saw an interesting thing last night:  A woman with her head in a Louis Vuitton bag, laying on the sidewalk asleep, as her husband stood over her slowly shaking his head. A clear case of Super Bowl fever.




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