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Friday Potpourri Vol. 17

Let’s talk about an assortment of things today.

Waitress Gets Fired After Outing Cheap Pastor

A female pastor went to Applebee’s with a large group.  They automatically triggered the 18% tip charge.  The pastor wrote on the bill, after trying to get around the charge by saying they were using separate checks, “Why should you get 18% when the Lord only gets 10%?”

The waitress showed it to a co-worker who took a pic of it and posted it on the internet.  Somehow, this got back to the pastor who then wanted everybody on that shift fired.  Applebee’s fired the person who posted the pic.

Understand this, the customer is not always right.  That is a load of crap.  Especially in this case.  The person the pastor should be mad at is Ronald Reagan.

That’s right, Reagan.  When Uncle Ronnie was President, his people figured out that tip income was not taxed.  So, while lining the pockets of millionaires with tax cuts, tip income became taxable.  Which meant you have to have a method of keeping track of it.  Which meant using the software for the cash registers as a way to keep track of tips by using a separate line on the receipt.

So the cheap pastor had the writing room necessary to show what a classless individual she is.

What else is there to talk about?

My Spaghetti Is Better Than Yours

I found myself in a discussion about spaghetti on Twitter a few days ago. Seems innocent enough, right? I should have known better.

Spaghetti is one of those things that everyone has a very distinct opinion about.

At our house, we have finally settled on a sauce (Classico Traditional Sweet Basil), store brand thin spaghetti, and store brand garlic breadsticks. Just add some ground beef for the sauce, sprinkle in Italian seasoning, voila! We keep it stocked in the pantry as an easy go-to meal.

My mistake was to mention that in front of a do everything from scratch person.

I have been known to make things that take a lot of preparation.

I can make a German Chocolate cake from scratch.  No cake mix box.  From scratch, baby. Cake flour. Double boiler for melting the chocolate.  Homemade icing.

I just don’t see the need for all that fuss to make a simple pasta dish.

New Shiny App

In other news, there is an app called Vine.

It is a way to make a six second video.

Yep, that is all it is.

Even a technologically challenged guy like me knows you could do that already.  Do a video and stop at six seconds.


The video I was a part of (see my last post)   has around 300 views on YouTube.

I am particularly happy with the support from you wonderful folks.

Thanks again



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