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During the Wikipedia blackout, @ninatypewriter mentioned an old World Book set of encyclopedias she once had. In response I said that I still have a set of Colliers encyclopedias that my parents bought when I was born.

Now, much of the info has changed obviously, but they now serve as history books. And when I was growing up, they were my main source of reading material.  They were wonderful for boosting my vocabulary. And started a lifelong love affair with trivia. I like the fun you can have with weird or unusual facts.

For example:

(1) Who was the first host of the Tonight Show?

(2) What show was on Saturday night at 11:30 before Saturday Night Live started?

(3) What is Hulk Hogan’s real name?

(4) Was Pat Sajak the first host of Wheel of Fortune? If not, who was?

See. Isn’t this fun?

Beats talking about the South Carolina primary, right?

If you are looking at the end of this posting for the answers to today’ trivia questions, you are out of luck.

I will let you who do read this thing have an opportunity to figure them out on your own.

No fair looking at your neighbor’s computer.


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