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Friday Potpourri Vol. 5

Welcome back!

Survived Valentine’s Day, I see!

I have a couple of left over suggestions from previous pleas for ideas to fill out these weekly posts.

@lahikmajoe Asked what the first book or movie was that I was banned from having.

Well, that really never happened when I was growing up.

Reading was encouraged. And fortunately, my first job was at the main library in our town. I worked after school for a few hours every night except Fridays and all day Saturday. I had access to books that the general public couldn’t get to.  Books that were  too fragile for regular handling.  These books were kept in a sub- basement. It was musty and wonderful. If I hurried through putting the returned books back, I could explore the racks.

What that experience gave me was an opening to a wider variety of authors.

Now, growing up Catholic, there was a handy list of movies that were officially banned by the Church. A ratings system.  I believe “C” was the rating for the bad movies. (I would look it up but that is too much like work).

Honestly, I don’t think there were that many objectionable movies during the sixties despite how people remember that time. And that was the time I was going to movies with my parents. When I started going on my own in the early 70’s, I think my tastes were still fairly mainstream as far as the kind of movie I was interested in.

@debihen suggested in the comments section a post about self entitlement and rudeness would be a worthy topic.

That was in response to last Friday’s post.  Unfortunately, that sort of behavior does not stop at the movie theater.

I notice it in the retail area, because I worked in that kind of environment for a number of years.

People who don’t understand the concept of waiting in line. If all the cashiers are busy ringing up customers, you will have to wait your turn. No amount of sighing will speed things up. I am sure if the store had known how important you were and how valuable your time was compared to everyone else, they would have made special accommodations for you.

And when it is your turn, get your stuff out of the cart without telling the clerk how inconvenient this delay has been for you and yours. Because the clerk has been dreading your appearance as the next customer ever since you showed up at the end of the line.  (We KNOW)

I would cover more but my grandson is waking up from his nap and I am in charge today.

Thanks for stopping by.

P.S. @IbecameMyDad Is worth a follow because he featured a question of mine on his blog Wednesday. And he is funny.





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