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Madonna Comes To Indy


As even those of you who don’t follow sports know, the Super Bowl is coming up.

Halftime is evidently going to be  a Salute to the 80’s. Madonna will be the half-time entertainment.

This would have been big news, say 25 years ago, but now it seems a little tame or lame.  What can she do? Sing a few of the oldies? Where is the excitement going to come from?

Watching her doing one of the old routines, hoping she doesn’t break a hip, seems to be too depressing for words.

Of course, as an old guy, I have had to come to terms with performers from my youth getting old.  Some age better than others.

Paul McCartney comes to mind. But, dancing on stage was never his thing. Just playing that left-handed bass and shaking his head. Whooo!

Billy Joel? I bet he doesn’t climb on the piano like he did when I saw him singing Big Shot in the early ’80’s.

Cher? Tina Turner? Whitney Houston? Nope,nope and what the hell happened?

Maybe this will be like when Ali was going to fight George Foreman. All the experts predicted Foreman was going to easily beat Ali. No contest. Boxing was a young man’s sport.

Well, Ali summoned all his experience and remaining skill and knocked Foreman flat.

So, I will watch the half-time show. And hope she pulls it off.

A victory for my g-g-g-generation.

And if she doesn’t, I hope she avoids Twitter.



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4 thoughts on “Madonna Comes To Indy

  1. Madonna still seems young to me. Wasn’t she kissing girls just the other day?

    It is about time to salute the 80’s. Thanks for giving me this heads up so I have time to shop around for leg warmers and shoulder pads.

  2. Debihen on said:

    I always thought 80’s Madonna looked like she wore everything in her underwear drawer all at the same time. Then, because that wasn’t enough, she threw on all of her grandma’s costume jewelry. Add giant hair and 3 cans of Aquanet Hairspray and the Boy Toy was born.

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