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Friday Potpourri Vol. 6

I know that I skipped a Friday.

But these interactive things are hard to pull off if no one plays along.

So, I have decided to mine my interactions for the last week on Twitter and see where that gets us. I will leave the Twitter handles off of the tweets since I didn’t ask permission to use them.

But first of all, I have a question.  What makes you happier on Twitter: a retweet or a favorite?

For me, if it is done by a follower, I really like a “favorite”.  It is the equivalent of a nod or a smile of recognition.

Now if it is someone I don’t know , I prefer a retweet.  I am not overwhelmed with followers so that works.

I found out that the Oreo cookie is 100 this week.

I really like chocolate chip cookies better, but the genius of the Oreo is that you can’t make them at home.  ANYBODY can make chocolate chip cookies. And if you know someone that does make Oreos at home, I don’t want to hear it.  They have wayyyy too much time on their hands.

John Belushi died 30 years ago this week.

At the time he was a cautionary tale for young people in show business. That is what is always said by supposed experts.  Fact is, if that was the case, Chris Farley would still be showing up in Adam Sandler movies. People who decide that they are invincible don’t care what happened in the past.  And then as Dan Ackroyd said once, “certain winds get in their sails that they have no control over.”

If you get a chance watch Continental Divide again, Nina  at @ninatypewriter and I think it was his best work.


I have a dozen or so tweets about this place outside of Berlin.  Ken relly made us curious about this mythical sounding place. Amy at @lucysfootball has covered it better than I could, so go there. Not yet. Wait until I am done here.

The Ricki Lake Show

I am being followed by the Ricki Lake Show.  The show itself doesn’t start until September.  So look for me on Middle Aged Grandparents Who Are Addicted To Twitter.  Fingers crossed.

Also, if I put part of a song lyric on Twitter no fair Googling the lyric to try to play along.

Alright. That’s all I have for you.

Enjoy the weekend.

And as always, we here at the Bellbottom Blog wish you….



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5 thoughts on “Friday Potpourri Vol. 6

  1. Debihen on said:

    Oreo…Best. Dunking Cookie. EVER.

  2. Oreos are both cookie and craft. You can pull them apart, redecorate the middle using everything from fork to front teeth, and then put them back together. But if I’m going to tell the truth, Hydrox cookies are even better.

  3. Yay, Poing! I had such fun with Poing this week, I can’t even tell you!

    Did you see the birthday cookie Oreos in the store? The filling has little birthday sprinkles in it. I can’t decide if they’re awesome or disgusting.

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