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On this date, March 14, 1926, in a small house in Fort Wayne, Indiana, a child was born. A baby girl.

She was having a lot of trouble and the doctor had just came out of the bedroom to tell the man of the house that he had done all he could, but it looked like the baby would not survive.

The man placed himself in the doorway of the house, blocking the doctor’s exit.

He told the doctor to get back in there and save that little girl.

The man was 6′ 2″ . A railroad worker with a booming voice. He filled the frame of the door,

The doctor went back in the room and I imagine since he had done everything else possible, he probably said a little prayer for the baby and for himself.

Well, fortunately for all concerned the child survived.

She went on to live for 81 years.

Was married for over 50 years. Had three boys. Even though she was only about 4′ 10″, all three boys weighed over 10 lbs. at birth.

If you were her friend, you were a friend for life.

She was an old-fashioned neighbor. She knew everything about her neighbors and they knew everything about her and her family.

She loved John Wayne and watching Perry Mason.

Loved the Mills Brothers and HATED Tony Bennett. HATED. You could get her wound up by complimenting his hair.

“That’s not HIS,” she would say.

She outlived her mom and dad and all three of her brothers.

When her oldest got married and had kids, she was a terrific grandmother. Spoiling the children. Teaching them card games. Poker was her favorite.

Thanksgiving was her favorite holiday. She accepted no help from anyone when it came to preparing the meal. Even when you could tell how much it took out of her in the later years of her life.

It was the last Thanksgiving when she felt ill early that evening.  A trip to the hospital. Two different cardiologists. By the next morning, she was gone. Aortic aneurysm was the guess.

She left behind a devastated husband. Sons who miss her to this day. And grandkids who have great memories of their grandma.

I know all of this because I am her oldest.

There is one other thing about this date that changed my life but I will write about it another day.

Today, this is for Mom.

Oh, and if Grandpa is looking in, thanks for keeping the doctor there a little longer. Things worked out really well.





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One thought on “Mom

  1. I meant to comment the other day on this. Just beautiful, John. What a wonderful tribute to your mom.

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