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A Quick Post

Monday at the Bellbottom Blog.

Nothing much going on .

Spring is here it seems. And since I gave away my last mower before we moved, it was time look for a new mower.

Our yard is a lot smaller than the last one. We had just under a half an acre and now I would guess we have half of that.

So, a riding mower was out.  And I was a little tired of self-propelled mowers.

Which led me to a choice I have always wanted to try.

A rotary mower.

That is right, my friends. We here at the Bellbottom Blog are reducing our carbon footprint.

No more gas. No more “Will it start” worries every spring.

No more “I can’t run it because somebody is sleeping”.

For the low, low price of $79.00, I have the perfect piece of lawn equipment at long last.

One other thing, I have been on Twitter for over a year, and I have noticed that people seem undecided about who to count as friends. You know what I mean. Can people you talk to through the internet be considered real friends?


So, if you have commented on any of these posts or we have been involved in regular conversations on Twitter or , best of all, if you have subscribed to this humble blog, we are friends.

Thanks for stopping by.

Thanks for making my life interesting in a lot of different ways.




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3 thoughts on “A Quick Post

  1. Patrick Smith on said:

    I love the rotary mowers, but at some point, you’re still gonna need something that knocks down 2 week high spring grass. At least I always did. Glad to hear your views on friends. It matches mine, as well.

  2. But are they REAL? That’s my dad’s thing. I think he thinks I have FRIENDS. But you’re all in my HEAD.

    (In all honesty, which we all know I do very seldom, I’m in complete agreement. Of course you can make friends through social media! When you have the same emotions about someone you only know through Twitter as you do with a real-life friend, you celebrate and mourn and laugh with them – that’s friendship, no matter where they live.)

    Sorry, Dad. I’ll tell the people in my head to be quiet, it’s bedtime now.

    (Also, my parents have had a rotary mower at their camp since I was about 4, and that thing is STILL going strong. So, excellent purchase! Very cost-effective!)

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