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Mower Update

I know everyone is wondering how the rotary mower experiment worked out.

Well, in my mind, I pictured me sailing along , singing  a song, not much exertion.

My mind is out of its mind.

It was WORK, people!  Not just the hour it took to put the thing together, including a trip to the hardware store because, of course, it took a metric wrench to assemble it.

I thought we settled that whole metric vs. standard thing in the ’70’s.

Anyway, I got the mower into working condition and off we went.

The front yard is very small, so I felt great. Now the back yard is a different kettle of fish.

When we bought the place last fall, my wife and I noticed the back yard has a sizable hill.  So most of the mowing is on a 45 degree angle.  Or you can choose to go up the hill and then down the hill,

I tried the down the hill, up the hill approach first. Turns out my slightly out of shape body really, really doesn’t like going uphill.

After a small break to let my heart get back in rhythm, we tried the 45 degree approach .  Much better. I have recovered enough to write this.

In other news, @heinakroon wrote a post about the house fire he survived.

He got everyone out safely.

I suggested what he did was heroic, he would deflect that praise.  He thinks it was instinct.

But not everyone keeps their head in a stressful situation, and waking up in the middle of a fire certainly fits the definition of stressful.

Go to his blog and read his story.  See what you think.

For me, he is a hero. Saving his life and two others, even the dog.





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6 thoughts on “Mower Update

  1. I meant to comment on the previous mower post, but I got distracted. 😦

    Have you heard of these new-fangled robotic mowers? Solar-powered, I believe. You just put one down on your lawn and it will putter around at its leasure, keeping the grass nice and short. Although I do suspect they might be pricey, as I’ve only ever heard of big coorporations using them so far. It’s probably the future though, if they can be made safe and cheap enough.

    P.S. Thanks for the mention! And you’re right: I would deflect the praise; I don’t feel like a hero. I do, however, realise how lucky we were.

  2. P.P.S. I assume you mean Metric vs Imperial, or, if using the term ‘standard’: Standard vs Imperial? Let’s keep the perspective here, folks. 😉

  3. rotary mower? I thought those only existed in old Tom and Jerry cartoons! hahaha – I see tall grass in your future.

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