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Mower Update

I know everyone is wondering how the rotary mower experiment worked out.

Well, in my mind, I pictured me sailing along , singing  a song, not much exertion.

My mind is out of its mind.

It was WORK, people!  Not just the hour it took to put the thing together, including a trip to the hardware store because, of course, it took a metric wrench to assemble it.

I thought we settled that whole metric vs. standard thing in the ’70’s.

Anyway, I got the mower into working condition and off we went.

The front yard is very small, so I felt great. Now the back yard is a different kettle of fish.

When we bought the place last fall, my wife and I noticed the back yard has a sizable hill.  So most of the mowing is on a 45 degree angle.  Or you can choose to go up the hill and then down the hill,

I tried the down the hill, up the hill approach first. Turns out my slightly out of shape body really, really doesn’t like going uphill.

After a small break to let my heart get back in rhythm, we tried the 45 degree approach .  Much better. I have recovered enough to write this.

In other news, @heinakroon wrote a post about the house fire he survived.

He got everyone out safely.

I suggested what he did was heroic, he would deflect that praise.  He thinks it was instinct.

But not everyone keeps their head in a stressful situation, and waking up in the middle of a fire certainly fits the definition of stressful.

Go to his blog and read his story.  See what you think.

For me, he is a hero. Saving his life and two others, even the dog.





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