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Finding Love Chapter Two

So, her mom was on board with the upcoming nuptials. She even volunteered to make the wedding dress.

Now, he had to let his parents know.

Over the years, as he got further and further into bachelorhood, they had questioned if the time would ever come.

He always said the same thing, “When I meet the right person, that is when I will get married.”

It really was simple for him. He just never felt he was ready.  Until now.

His mom was having a retirement party at the house. It was his chance to introduce her to the family and tell everyone the big news.

His fiance was understandably nervous, but she won his parents over right away. His mom was so glad to have another woman joining  the family and she had a daughter, so they were going to be grandparents as well. Happiness mixed with relief filled the air.

With the family on board, the next group to deal with was their co-workers.

This was a little trickier.

When you work at the same place, everyone knows you so well. They have seen you at your best and at your worst. For the most part, people seemed genuinely happy for the couple. A few, not so much.

They were the big story at a place where the work was mostly repetitive and mind numbing.  They became a new topic of conversation.  They were mini-celebrities. People who had never talked to them were suddenly interested in their lives.  It was oddly reassuring to know that people cared enough to notice.

The friend test was the next part of the journey. Even though they had already committed to each other, it would be reassuring to have their friends on board.

Your closest friends, if you are lucky, are very protective of you.  They look over the people who come into your life with the kind of  healthy skepticism necessary. While you are swept up in the romance of the moment, they are looking at the whole situation with a careful eye on your best interests.

He met with his fiance and her best friend at a local country bar. The odd part with this kind of test is there is no way to prepare for it. You just have to avoid doing something stupid. Drink in moderation. Try not to trip over anyone. Avoid a fight.

He managed to get through the night and  passed the test.

The guys he knew were not much help.  “Welcome to the club.” “Now you’ll find out what we have been saying.”  “Run!”

But over the years, he had managed to make friends with some women co-workers.  (You can’t talk sports and cars all the time.) (You need a balance.) They were a lot more supportive. And their approval of the upcoming event was unanimous.

Easter came and went.

A reception hall became available just a few miles from the church.

Flowers were ordered.

Everything was looking up.

They were just about a month away from the big day.

And then, because things couldn’t continue to go as smooth as they had, the water heater in the house gave out and needed to be replaced.

Both of their cars had problems come up that took significant amounts of money to fix.

Plans had to be adjusted. The budget was getting trimmed. Anxiety was nudging its way into the arrangements.

Add to that, his fiance was feeling sick almost every day.  They both thought it was just the stress of the situation. Finally, she went to the doctor.

Sometime during the celebrations after the proposal, they had become expectant parents with a due date of  late December.

This hadn’t been part of the plan. At least, not yet. But, as they looked at each other upon receiving the news, the hug they exchanged was one filled with love and joy.  They knew that everything was going to work out.

As April gives way to May, they are 32 days away from the wedding.

To be continued…..




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6 thoughts on “Finding Love Chapter Two

  1. Oh, I love these! I was so glad to see the next installment this morning. Real-life stories are my favorite, and these are so well-written. Thank you for this!

  2. Yay! Another installment of the Love story! I’ve read it and it was very good (naturally) and am eagerly awaiting the next chapter.

  3. And the tension builds.

    Great and compelling story.

    And it makes it even easier to read when we know the story has such a happy ending.

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