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Finding Love Chapter Three

As the wedding day approaches, our young couple find themselves in an ever increasing money pinch.

First, the DJ they had scheduled was told he would no longer be needed, The reception hall had someone who would be thrown as part of the package.

Second, the flowers that had been agreed upon were cut way back.

In addition to those problems, the guest list had to be reduced.  Originally, they wanted everyone and anyone who they worked with to come to the reception. After crunching the numbers they found that 125 people was the most they could afford.

As each of these tough decisions started to pile up, their mood grew a little less bright.  The pressure of putting a wedding together on such short notice was turning a joyous time into a slow march to the altar. Tempers were short.

They needed a bit of good news.

A week before the wedding, they went to apply for a marriage license.

In the state of Indiana, to acquire a marriage license, you have to prove you had a rubella vaccination. His fiance, who was from Oklahoma, couldn’t get her medical records in time to meet the requirements of the state.

Not the kind of news they needed.

So, neighboring states were called. And in the great state of Ohio, their prayers were answered. They could apply that day for a wedding license but there was a three day waiting period after the application was turned in before they could get the license. Then they would have to get married in front of a judge in Ohio to make it legal.

So, the Wednesday before the wedding date, they found themselves in a little courtroom, in Van Wert, Ohio.  A couple of secretaries were brought in  to be witnesses. Everyone was nice to them. The judge offered a six-month guarantee. And that was that. No matter what else came up, they were married.

Now time seems to be moving faster than possible.

Hard to imagine everything getting done in time for the big day.

Before they know it, Friday is here.

Rehearsal day and dinner afterward.

His fiance’s mom has been a whirlwind of activity after getting over the initial shock.  She made the bride’s dress. Baked the wedding cake. And is figuring out how to decorate the church. Absolutely amazing.

The rehearsal consisted  of “stand here” “light this”  “”repeat these words”…most of which will be forgotten by tomorrow.

They did not prepare their own vows.  Many people do try that, but they thought most everything was covered in the usual set of vows.

“For better or worse”

“Richer or poorer”

“Sickness and health”

“‘Til death do us part”

Not a lot of wiggle room in that.

There was enough to do without adding writing to the pile.

His parents were hosting the rehearsal dinner at their house.

It was the first time their parents had spent any time together.

Catholics (his) Baptists (hers) under the same roof.

The preacher, who fancied himself as a good teller of jokes, tried a couple of Catholic ones. His dad listened politely for a while and then suggested he had a few jokes he could tell as well. The preacher excused himself and went into the kitchen for another plate of food.

The rest of the dinner passed without incident.

The only thing left to do was try to get a good night of sleep, because tomorrow at 5:00, it would be time for the ceremony.

Ready or not.






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2 thoughts on “Finding Love Chapter Three

  1. You know, it’s so easy to focus on one’s own concerns and forget that everyone struggles.

    I really appreciate you writing this series of posts not just for the triumph, though I certainly do like that, but for your fears and vulnerabilities too.

    This tale is gripping. I’m glad you’re telling it.

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