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Finding Love: Epilogue

After the wedding ceremony, everyone went to the reception.

The last hurdle.

Hopefully, there would be enough food and drink.

Surrounded by friends and family, some who had missed the wedding, the happy couple circulated among the group.  Still smiling.

I think the word “euphoric” would cover how they felt.

There was dancing. Plenty of music. Cake. And a table full of gifts.

Finally, just before midnight, the newlyweds made their way out of the party. A last round of congratulations. Hugs.

Monday would be the start of the honeymoon trip.

For the honeymoon, they had loose plans to go to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  The shortfall of money had been rectified by the generosity of the wedding guests.  It was going to be a long drive, but that was their destination.

About three hours into it, they started looking at the road map to find something close to where they were.  Fatigue from all the festivities of the last few months had worn them out.

Oddly enough, the next town on the drive was named Mt. Pleasant.  Well, the search was over. How could they pass up a town with that name?

A few days with no schedule. No big decisions except for where they were going to eat. The town lived up to its name.

But, life as it always does, crept back in at the end of the week.  It was time to go home. Back to work.

The grind was the same, yet very different. Every day, they had someone at home who understood the challenges of the work because they worked at the same place.

And there was the matter of the baby coming in December.

She had a difficult pregnancy. He had to live up the “sickness and health” part of the vows. Finding the food she craved, which always changed, whenever she needed it. Doctors appointments. She was quietly amazed at how he kept up with everything. (He was too)

Baby furniture and clothes had to be acquired. The baby’s room had to be decorated.

About a week before the baby came, he found her balancing on a stool trying to finish putting decals on the ceiling.

Dec. 10, 1991, they became parents of a baby boy.

1991 turned out to be one helluva year.


This concludes the series of stories called Finding Love.

I want to thank you all for the kind words and support during this effort.

Really, thanks so much.






Finding Love Chapter Three

As the wedding day approaches, our young couple find themselves in an ever increasing money pinch.

First, the DJ they had scheduled was told he would no longer be needed, The reception hall had someone who would be thrown as part of the package.

Second, the flowers that had been agreed upon were cut way back.

In addition to those problems, the guest list had to be reduced.  Originally, they wanted everyone and anyone who they worked with to come to the reception. After crunching the numbers they found that 125 people was the most they could afford.

As each of these tough decisions started to pile up, their mood grew a little less bright.  The pressure of putting a wedding together on such short notice was turning a joyous time into a slow march to the altar. Tempers were short.

They needed a bit of good news.

A week before the wedding, they went to apply for a marriage license.

In the state of Indiana, to acquire a marriage license, you have to prove you had a rubella vaccination. His fiance, who was from Oklahoma, couldn’t get her medical records in time to meet the requirements of the state.

Not the kind of news they needed.

So, neighboring states were called. And in the great state of Ohio, their prayers were answered. They could apply that day for a wedding license but there was a three day waiting period after the application was turned in before they could get the license. Then they would have to get married in front of a judge in Ohio to make it legal.

So, the Wednesday before the wedding date, they found themselves in a little courtroom, in Van Wert, Ohio.  A couple of secretaries were brought in  to be witnesses. Everyone was nice to them. The judge offered a six-month guarantee. And that was that. No matter what else came up, they were married.

Now time seems to be moving faster than possible.

Hard to imagine everything getting done in time for the big day.

Before they know it, Friday is here.

Rehearsal day and dinner afterward.

His fiance’s mom has been a whirlwind of activity after getting over the initial shock.  She made the bride’s dress. Baked the wedding cake. And is figuring out how to decorate the church. Absolutely amazing.

The rehearsal consisted  of “stand here” “light this”  “”repeat these words”…most of which will be forgotten by tomorrow.

They did not prepare their own vows.  Many people do try that, but they thought most everything was covered in the usual set of vows.

“For better or worse”

“Richer or poorer”

“Sickness and health”

“‘Til death do us part”

Not a lot of wiggle room in that.

There was enough to do without adding writing to the pile.

His parents were hosting the rehearsal dinner at their house.

It was the first time their parents had spent any time together.

Catholics (his) Baptists (hers) under the same roof.

The preacher, who fancied himself as a good teller of jokes, tried a couple of Catholic ones. His dad listened politely for a while and then suggested he had a few jokes he could tell as well. The preacher excused himself and went into the kitchen for another plate of food.

The rest of the dinner passed without incident.

The only thing left to do was try to get a good night of sleep, because tomorrow at 5:00, it would be time for the ceremony.

Ready or not.





Finding Love

So, there he was. Let’s call him John.

34 years old, single. Almost ready to give up on the idea of finding someone who he will spend the rest of his life with.

Hell, almost ready to give up on dating.

But then, he started talking to someone he worked with. (I know! Never date someone you work with. It can be very awkward if it doesn’t go well.) But they were just talking. After a few conversations, they decided to go to a car show together.

So, that is not really a date. I mean she was bringing her 6 year old daughter with her.

He picked her up at the house she had just bought a year earlier. A charming cape cod on a corner lot.

It was January 27, 1991.  Cold as most northern Indiana winter days are.

The car show went pretty well. They managed to keep the little girl entertained while finding a comfort level with each other that seemed very natural.After a couple of hours, all the cars has been seen. It was time to take them back to their home. On the way out there was an advertisement for an upcoming circus. They bought three tickets.

At the side door, she asked him what he was going to do with the rest of the day. He said that the Super Bowl was coming on in a little while so he would probably tune in.

She said, “Why don’t you watch it here?”

He was a little surprised by the offer but said alright.

The daughter was very shocked by this turn of events. She said,”We don’t watch sports!”  Her mom said today they were. The game was Giants vs. Bills. Whitney Houston sang the National Anthem. Scott Norwood missed a field goal as time ran out.

It was a fun day. Over the next few weeks, they started to spend a lot of time together. Including going to the circus.  Not a day went by without them spending some time together outside of work. And then, just a few short weeks after that car show, they made a decision . He would move into that cape cod.

The date is March 10.

The move wasn’t very hard. He had the usual bachelor collection of unmatched stuff. One interesting element of the move was while the last pieces were being brought in,her mom showed up to visit.  Mom was unaware of the move.  Her displeasure was about to increase, because on March 14……

He proposed.  She accepted.  A few hours later, they had picked out an engagement ring and set a date. June 1st, 1991.

According to the calendar and her mom, this was going very fast, but to them it seemed like such a natural progression.

They weren’t two young kids.  Well, at least, he wasn’t.  She was 7 years younger than him. They had both experienced enough over the course of their lives to have sorted through all the different emotions that come with any relationship. They just knew that this was heading in the right direction.

The wedding would be at the Baptist church.

Here was the next problem.  Oklahoma Baptists don’t have wedding receptions. They have the ceremony and that is it.  But his dream was to have a nice wedding reception with food, drink and music. Invite friends and family.

Once again, the Bride-to-be”s mom had to be talked into it.

One end of the conversation went like this:

“They have a party. ”

“Right after the wedding.”

“How long?”

“From 7 til midnight”

“Yeah, there will be some beer.”

“Tell the preacher we are having a Baptist wedding and a Catholic reception.”


Let’s leave them right there for now.

Next week we will pick up where we left off.






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