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Holiday Potpourri

Ho Ho Ho!

This is my version of a Christmas letter to those of you who follow us here at the Bellbottom Blog.

First of all, I hope you are all doing well this season.

It has been a little hectic around here.  Hopefully things will calm down a bit.

After being sidetracked with politics followed by my Dad’s health setbacks, I wasn’t sure if I could write the kind of stuff I like to.  I was afraid it would seem too light, frivolous.

Actually, I haven’t really had a problem being snarky on Twitter.  The quick jab is still there.  It is just trying to write something longer that has been a challenge.

For example, I wrote this on Dec. 19 in response to a question about what was going on:  Eagles picked up gun nuts and dropped them over the fiscal cliff. #TwitterHeadlineNews .

Maybe it is just the folks I follow, but it seems two or three stories take hold and that is the conversation for the day.

Now, on Dec. 12 there was a concert for the victims of the hurricane.  It was a great concert. And watching it on Twitter was a blast.

The Rolling Stones. The Who. Paul McCartney. Billy Joel.  Fantastic.

There were a lot of age jokes. Not by me. All of the people I named rocked hard that night. Might have been peer pressure.

I did get into a little Twitspat (if that isn’t a word it should be) over the merits of Pink Floyd.  I have never understood the appeal.  NEVER. NEVER. NEVER.  And I was around for their heyday.  Dark Side Of The Moon is a steaming pile of overblown, pretentious crap.  Don’t even ask me about The Wall.

That was Dec. 12.  Dec. 14 was a different matter.  The school shooting happened and after a short time, the usual arguments flared up with a little more heat than usual.

You know, too many guns vs. not enough guns.  The state of mental health care. Parenting shortfalls.

I am not going over this ground again here.

Too much has been said and not much will change.

I did say in response to the thought that if a teacher had a gun things would have been different:  Most of these gun people would soil themselves in a showdown with an armed assailant. Reality is way different than the movies. (Dec. 15)

As I am writing this, the end of the world is supposed to be happening.  That would be helpful since I am not quite sure how to end this post.  But it is 23 minutes after midnight, so someone will have to come up with a new date for the end of the world.

Ah, I just remembered something I wanted to mention.  One of the loyal followers of this blog is moving from California to Texas. During Christmas week, no less. I can’t say who because I didn’t get permission to mention it from that person first.

When I first heard it, it seemed logical.  I mean the Mayans have let us down but we all know California is going to fall into the ocean some day, so why not move?

Texas has a lot of problems.  Falling into the Gulf of Mexico is not one of them.

The follower seemed a little anxious as anyone would be when faced with moving to a new place.

On the plus side, Texas is the home of some great country music artists.  Willie, Waylon and the boys.  Jerry Jeff Walker.  Austin City Limits on PBS.

Some incredibly beautiful scenery.

Tons of friendly people.


This follower is moving for the best of reasons. To be with the one she loves.  It is a Hallmark movie and we here at the Blog wish her well.

To all of you who have followed us, Merry Christmas!

And as always,





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  1. debihen on said:

    Merry Christmas John.

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