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One Year Anniversary Of The Bellbottom Blog

That’s right.  One year.  Actually, Jan. 6 was the anniversary date but in keeping with the laid back, bellbottom approach, we are celebrating today.

A year ago I had just gotten to 100 followers on Twitter and decided to finally make an attempt at writing a blog.

Ken and Lisa helped with a name.

We were off and running.

According to WordPress, we have had about 1900 views in the last year. Not bad considering I don’t promote this blog very much. Maybe 3 mentions on Twitter each time I write something.

I have been pleasantly surprised to have gone a whole year without any negative comments.  Not ONE.  Even when I wrote about politics.

In the last year, I have written 76 posts.  I took off the last part of the year while my wife was home recovering from shoulder surgery with the exception of a few posts.  It was a nice opportunity to spend time together. (Except for the whole surgery and therapy part)

I wrote about family, Scooter Store, childhood memories, music, and , yes, bellbottoms.

I tried to have a regular Friday Potpourri post which met with mixed success.

I wrote a serialized story about my wife and I and our first year of being together.  Of all the stuff I have written, that is the one I am happiest about.

So….what does the future bring, you ask? I think there will be more regular posts this year.  I do have to decide how to promote this space a little better.  I treasure everyone of you who have commented or helped spread the word on Twitter. I really do.

I think it is time for me to make a little more effort.  Maybe add pics or videos or links. That is a BIG maybe.  Technology is not my friend.

In any event, I hope it is interesting enough to earn your continued support.

Thanks for the last year and as we go forward,



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6 thoughts on “One Year Anniversary Of The Bellbottom Blog

  1. Happy happy anniversary, John!

    I am more than happy to show you how to do all the fancy photos and links and you-tubing. DM me for details. Or email me – email’s at the bottom of my blog. Seriously, I can talk you through it easy as pie.

    Mmm, pie.

    Dammit, why don’t I have any pie in this house?

  2. debihen on said:

    John I like your “sitting on the front porch” style. Always entertaining, thought provoking. It’s comfortable here on your porch…if only you’d offer lemonaid, we’d be set!

  3. Congratulations!

    I’m sorry I haven’t been around here more than I have, I’ve read your posts by email, which is a BAD THING as it robs you of visitors in your stats. Promise to do better next 12 months.

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