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The Scooter Store!? Really?

The whole matter of aging can at times be a sensitive subject with those of us on the north side of 50.

I can’t complain too much. Everything still works. Just in slow motion.

I watch a lot of late night tv, so I see all the old folks ads.

The step in tubs.

BTW,how exactly do those work? Usually, you fill a tub first with hot water and then get in. With these it looks like you step in first and then fill it up.  If I am old and decrepit enough to warrant buying one of those, how in the hell will I be able to stand up long enough for it to fill up?

The help alert call buttons. Aging cream. Various pharmaceuticals.

But I received an e-mail from the Scooter Store.

What the Hell?  I was outraged. But…what if I could have one just for special situations.

I could be the guy driving through Wal-Mart blissfully unaware of people or racks of clothing.  Scattering shoppers left and right. Backing up down long aisles  knocking over anything in my path.  Everyone afraid to say anything to me.

I think I might have been too hasty when I deleted that e-mail.





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