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Bell Bottoms Are Not Coming Back?

I just check my stats and it seems some people are checking everyday for new stuff.

No pressure there.

This title is a little nostalgic for me. I went to high school in an era where bell bottoms were everyday wear.  Cotton or denim shirts.  Earth shoes. Polyester was also around but let’s hope those pictures were all burned.

We all thought we were being individuals but we looked the same for the most part. I think in high school most kids feel everyone is watching them and how they dress. That just isn’t the case. Each kid is wrapped up with their own concerns about dress and hair.

Of course, that realization doesn’t usually come in time to make high school a little less stressful.

If you have been checking everyday, thanks. I have an idea for the next one that will be a little longer than these have been. I can’t wait to have you read it.

Helter Seltzer

Well…let’s try another one.

I should mention that the titles of these posts are from my own tweets from here on out.  They may or may not have anything to do with the subject matter of the posting.

This title came from a hashtag game on Twitter.  The game was less threatening song titles.

I really enjoy some of these hashtag games.  Anything that makes you think of things in a different way is good for you, I believe.

And Twitter has provided that in great quantity.

The pleasant surprise for me has been the international flavor of my timeline. From Munich to the United Kingdom (Hi, guys) to Australia . Subjects as varied as: tea, vampires, classic movies, Stephen Hawking, yoga, zen.  Usually with a healthy dose of humor.

As I try to sort out where I want to go with this blog, I want to thank you for noticing.


Why Doesn’t Tombstone Have a Chain of Pizza Parlors?

Now that I have your attention, welcome to my blog.

There was not a lot of clamoring for another one of these. I know,I know. You have enough to read as it is.

I blame Twitter for this. Over the past year, I have been commenting on Twitter and on blogs.  For the moment those blogs and the people who write them will be nameless. If this goes over alright, I might feel confident enough to include some of those wonderful folks, with their permission of course.

So, what will we talk about here, you ask?

Not much politics or religion, I am afraid. Those topics can be polarizing . Who needs it?

I would rather talk about everyday things. Being a dad. Being a granddad. Husband.

Random things  that come to me for which 140 characters is not enough.

Like the title of this post.

I am not computer literate enough to make this thing pretty.  Any constructive comments are always welcome.

So for now, I am going to hit publish and see what happens.

Maybe I will stand a little farther back before I hit that button.


I wrote the above as sort of an introduction. Now I feel the need to refresh it a bit, but I don’t have the heart to erase it.  So, if you are new here, I will  write about a wide variety of things as you can tell by going through the archives.

Please feel free to stroll or scroll through the posts.  I encourage you to comment on any or, if you are really feeling adventurous, all of them.

I did give in on the politics pledge.

And I learned how to embed YouTube videos.

Also, there is a blogroll that wasn’t there at the start.  It is full of wonderful writers who I consider friends of this blog.

One last thing, I decided after a few posts that I wanted a way to end each posting. So I settled on this one.


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